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Working / Piloting in Canada – Immigration Procedures

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If you are interested in taking the plunge into living and working in Canada, you should be aware that there are many options available to you. For your interest and benefit we have put up this information page in order to ease the process of immigration. 

Note that each immigration case is specific and that this information page cannot cover all of the possibilities that could apply to your situation. 
First of all, if you would like to take part in a training program shorter than 6 months (endorsement, conversion, private licence) and you do not wish to work during or after your training, the visa stamp affixed to your passport at the port of entry to the country could be sufficient. However, you must be vigilant, since this is a tourist visa, which does not allow you to work on Canadian territory and which has a maximum length of 6 months. A return airplane ticket could help you to obtain this maximum length. 

Second, if you would like to complete a beginner’s training course (professional licence) lasting longer than 6 months, a work visa could be your best option. As its name states, it allows you to work on Canadian soil during a maximum period of one year, starting from its activation at Customs. There are, however, a few inconveniences. This visa is not renewable and is only available for people aged between 18 and 35 years. The number of spots given out each year is limited and the registrations forms are put on-line only once a year, in the autumn (October-November).

Last, if you would like to train with Capitale Hélicoptère or in Canada and be available for the workforce after your course ends, the permanent resident visa is one of your best options. This visa is essential to proceed with employment. However, getting this visa can take a long time (12 months and longer) and is expensive (around 1000 Euros). 

In general, the immigration process is an important choice that will determine your success in Canada; take it seriously. The advice contained on this page does not replace the official information given by the Canadian Minstry of Immigration. We invite you to consult the links given below to obtain more complete information. 

See you soon!

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