Pilot recency

The Capitale Hélicoptère Flight School also offers training in order to meet the recency requirements for pilots. This is required for pilots who have not flown for more than five years. To do this, the pilot must pass the written PSTAR exam, consisting of 50 questions on air regulations. The pass mark for this examination is 90%. When done, he must fly with a flight instructor and demonstrate that he has the dexterity to perform the emergency maneuvers required for the license he holds. These maneuvers must be mastered by all the pilots at the end of their pilot training. The number of hours required for the upgrade will be determined by the instructor during the reconnaissance flight

The instructor then records in the pilot’s personal log book that he has received the certification.

Refer to Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) Standard 421 for Permits, Licenses and Ratings of Flight Crew Members:

421.05 Recency Requirements

(1) In order to comply with the requirements of 401.05(1)(b)
(a) the flight review shall include all items normally covered during the flight test for the issue of that permit or licence,
(b) the flight instructor completing the flight review shall certify in the holder’s personal log that the skill requirement has been met, and
(c) the holder shall successfully complete the written examination Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot Licence for Foreign and Military Applicants, Air Regulations (PSTAR)
(d) The certification in (b) above shall read:
“This is to certify that the skill requirement for __________ (permit or licence) has been met” and shall include the date and the name, signature and licence number of the instructor.