Private helicopter pilot licence

Are you dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot?

The private helicopter pilot licence is offered to those who want to fly for fun and to share this passion with those around them. It's also a major asset for business people who want to monetize their travels, as the helicopter is a fast, versatile, and flexible means of transportation.

Helicopter private pilot licence


  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Hold a Category 2 medical certificate. To take your medical exam, check EASA accredited physicians.
  • NNo prior aeronautics experience required.

Issue of Licence

  • The candidate must pass a written exam and a skill test with Transport Canada.

Duration of the program

  • 4 months minimum (flexible schedule)

Maintenance Centre

Ground school program

40 hours minimum

  • Canadian aviation regulations
  • Aerodynamics and flight theory
  • Meteorology
  • Cells, engines and systems
  • Flight instruments
  • Radiocommunication
  • Navigation
  • Flight operations
  • Human factors, including decision making

Flight training program

45 hours minimum

17 hours dual instruction flight time including :

  • 3 hours of travel flight
  • 5 hours of instrument flight

12 hours solo flight time, including:

  • 5 hours of navigation
  • Travel flight of at least 2 hours with 3 landings, other than the departure point
  • Licence will be restricted to “day flight only.”


421.05 Recency Requirements

(1) In order to comply with the requirements of 401.05(1)(b)
(a) the flight review shall include all items normally covered during the flight test for the issue of that permit or licence,
(b) the flight instructor completing the flight review shall certify in the holder’s personal log that the skill requirement has been met, and
(c) the holder shall successfully complete the written examination Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot Licence for Foreign and Military Applicants, Air Regulations (PSTAR)
(d) The certification in (b) above shall read:
“This is to certify that the skill requirement for __________ (permit or licence) has been met” and shall include the date and the name, signature and licence number of the instructor.


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