The greatest strength of the Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre lies in our dedicated and qualified crew. A good team plays to the individual strengths of its members and pools their combined years of experience for the best results. Capitale Hélicoptère applies all the skills and talents of its members to providing its customers with the best service. We know that happy employees are productive employees, and so we do everything we can to give our employees a motivating and stimulating work environment.

Jean-Philippe Goulet

Maintenance Director (DOM)

Jean-Philippe has been in the filed of aviation for over 15 years. He started his career as a mechanic, became a team leader for Capitale Hélicoptère in November 2015, and was promoted to director of maintenance in 2022. He was drawn to the challenge and the variety of jobs encountered on helicopters. He’s traveled quite a bit in recent years, his various assignments taking him from one place to another. Jean-Philippe is a dedicated and skilled person who inspires confidence.

Line Lebel

Technical Assistant

Line has been part of the crew since 2012 and has 20 years of experience in aviation, including 9 as a helicopter mechanic. The maintenance crew has a lot of work to do and deadlines to meet—Line’s job is to manage the logistics of it all. Her patience and long experience are a real boon to the team. She’s proactive and thorough, performing all her tasks with great care.

François Perron

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

François discovered his passion for aviation very early. Further to his studies in aircraft maintenance, he began his career by working as an apprentice mechanic on Beechcraft King Air 100 and 200 airplanes. In 2017, he joined the Capitale Hélicoptère team as an apprentice. The following year, he obtained his M1 aircraft technician license. His dedication, availability and ease of learning make him a key element of the maintenance team.

Jordan Courteau

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Jordan has several years of experience in the field. He began his career as a mechanic for an operator on the Côte-Nord as well as in Quebec, where he was appointed floor manager. In January 2019, he joined the Capitale Hélicoptère team where he works as a licensed technician. Fascinated by the mechanics of helicopters, he likes to roll up his sleeves and tackle the most complex projects, and he is very proud to be able to share his expertise with the team.

Antoine Dechamplain

Apprentice aircraft mechanic

Antoine has been employed with Capitale Hélicoptère since 2019 and is currently training to become an aircraft mechanic. Before choosing this new career, the apprentice mechanic worked in the forestry field, in light vehicle mechanics, and also became a ramp manager in aviation. Passionate about manual work, mechanics, and aviation, especially helicopters, he feels right at home and ready to take on any challenges that will present themselves to him.

Gabriel Trudel-Dallaire

Aircraft maintenance technician/AME

Gabriel joined the Capitale Hélicoptère team in 2020. A licensed technician with 4 years of experience, he always gives his all in everything he undertakes. Meticulous and passionate, he loves the complexity, physical principles, and mechanics that make up his daily life, which is never routine. Always minded to do his job well, he wants to improve his knowledge in order to diversify his field of expertise. He sees a very bright the future before him, as he has always known that the world of aviation was his destiny.

Luc Lacasse

Safety manager/AME

Luc joined the ranks of Capitale Hélicoptère in 2020 as a safety manager/AME. He came to us with a solid background, with 15 years of experience in the helicopter industry. Over time, he has been mechanic, quality controller, floor manager, and maintenance manager. The new challenges that are available to him will allow him to put his supervisory skills, his thoroughness, and his rigour to use. His versatility and support are most appreciated by the team.



Simon is an adventurer by nature. He has found in the field of helicopters a way to combine work and passion. In the industry for four years, he has always been able to adapt to the team and the challenges in front of him. He carries out his work with great discipline and professionalism.



After graduating from the ENA in 2016, he chose to continue his university studies in mechanical engineering and business administration, while serving as a reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces. Fond of challenges, he has a huge thirst for learning and loves to get his hands dirty. Having Joined Capitale Hélicoptère in 2022, he is proud to share his experience and expertise with the rest of the team.



Valérie became interested in aviation at a young age when she joined the Air Cadets. And even though she began her training as an aircraft maintenance engineer in 2001, the sad year when the industry took a nose dive following the September 11 attack, she forged on with the certainty that it would be an exciting avenue. She made her way as a licensed technician with one of the largest helicopter operators in the country, accumulating eleven years where the challenges, each as stimulating as the next, drove her to surpass herself. She joined the team in 2018, taking the reins of the store. Her experience as a mechanic is an asset for this position as she is well-acquainted with the majority of the components of the helicopters we operate. She loves the dynamics of helicopter operations and is deeply committed to doing things right.

Patrick Pelletier


Patrick is a hard-working and dedicated employee. Adventure and challenges have always attracted him to the world of helicopters. He has been working as a helicopter mechanic for nearly 18 years, first for various operators in Québec, and since April 2022 with Capitale Hélicoptère. His extensive experience and pedagogical qualities make him an important asset for the team.

Pierre-Luc Tardif

Lead Hand

Pierre-Luc has nearly 20 years of experience in the helicopter industry. Early in his career, he was responsible for a maintenance team and the management of complex Robinson helicopter reconstruction projects. In 2022, he accepted a new challenge at Capitale Hélicoptère and specialized in twin-engine helicopters. Pierre-Luc is a recognized expert in his field and is an asset to the Maintenance Center and its partners, thanks to his solid training and extensive expertise!

Bruno Soumin-Beauchemin


After five years as a pre-flight mechanic on Bombardier’s business jets, Bruno enthusiastically joined the ranks of Capitale Hélicoptère in 2022, looking for new challenges. An aircraft maintenance technician for two years and a helicopter pilot, he has distinguished himself in the team by his great versatility and desire to learn.

Marc-André Léveillé


Marc-André has 20 years of experience in the helicopter transport industry. He specializes in turbine helicopters and everything related to the operation of the engine on the various aircraft. He is in close contact with industry workers who perform helicopter hydroelectric maintenance, coastal patrols and natural disaster response. Proud to be part of the high-performance team at Capitale Hélicoptère, he continues to surpass his limits and improve day after day!


The Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre supports the operations of many companies and provides maintenance for numerous helicopters.
It is considered as the benchmark in helicopter maintenance in Canada for helicopter maintenance as well as in the reconditioning and complete overhaul of Robinson and Airbus aircraft.


  • Passion

    Our crew members are driven by a passion for helicopters in everything they do.

  • Commitment

    Renowned for providing unparallel work quality assurance, our experts are committed to making every effort to delivering work well done and surpassing your expectations. You can rest easy when you entrust your aircraft to our Maintenance Centre.

  • Dedication | Customer service

    The Maintenance Centre crew members also provide first-rate customer service to meet your needs. Our devoted team takes the time to give you advice and answer all your questions.

  • Cooperation

    Cooperation and teamwork are part of the Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre’s DNA, and this in one of our major strengths.